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Kerala 11th Pay Revision Report

The minimum salary of the government employees has been recommended as Rs 23,000 in the report submitted by 11th Pay Revision Commission. The revised salaries will be implemented with retrospective effect from 1 July, 2019. 

The maximum salary has been recommended as Rs 1,66,800. The House Rent Allowance (HRA) has been recommended as 10 percent of the basic salary in corporations, 8 and 6 percent in municipalities and 4 percent in panchayats.

With this, the lowest HRA will be Rs 1,200 and highest Rs 10,000. It is also suggested to scrap City Compensatory Allowance in the wake of increased HRA.

The employees retiring this year may be given an extension in service for one year. This would delay the retirement of over 20,000 employees resulting in delaying Rs 5,700 crore expense by one year. The final decision on this recommendation is to be taken by the government.

Rs 1,500 special allowance for village officers and unification of the salaries of paramedical staff in health department are also recommended.

The ceiling of the pension gratuity is recommended to be increased to Rs 17 lakh from Rs 14 lakh.

Pensioners above 80 years of age can be given Rs 1000 excess.  

The lowest pension would be Rs 11,500 and highest Rs 83,400.

The system of calculating the pension is also suggested to be changed. At present the pension is calculated as the average of 10 months’ salary. However, as per the new recommendation this would be fixed based on the last salary drawn.

One year leave with 40 percent of the salary also has been recommended to take care of bedridden parents and children below 3 years of age. Also paternity leave has been suggested to be increased to 15 days from 10 days.

Part-time, contingent employees’ minimum salary has been recommended as Rs 11,500 and Rs 22,970 respectively.

The salary-pension revisions would cause an additional liability of Rs 4,810 crore for the government.

The next pay revision is suggested in 2026, after the central pay revision.

The pay revision panel, formed in 2019, has recommended that the revised pay should be implemented with retrospective effect from July, 2019. Click the link to download the 11th Pay Revision Report...

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