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Kerala Part Time Contingent Employees Service Rules

Pension for Part Time Contingent Employees

Age of retirement

70 years

Qualifying service for minimum pension

10 years

Q.S. for full pension

30 years

Q.S. for minimum DCRG

5 years

Q.S. for maximum DCRG

33 years

Minimum Pension from 1.07.2014

Rs. 4400

Maximum Pension from 1.07.2014

Rs. 8400

Pro-rata pension granted in eligible case

 ½ of BR * Q.S/30 (BR = basic remuneration)

DA is reckoned for DCRG
Minimum Family Pension from 1.07.2014


Maximum Family Pension from 1.07.2014

 Rs. 4938

Voluntary retirement is also allowed on Completion of 20 years Q.S.
Procedure are same as in the case of regular employees.
Part time invalid pension will be part time minimum family pension .


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