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 Mid Day Meal Scheme WEBSITE
ഏറ്റവും പുതിയ  ഉത്തരവുകൾ/സോഫ്റ്റ്‌വെയർ ഈ പേജിന്‍റെ അവസാന ഭാഗത്ത്‌ 
Egg Price -Monthly average  rate at  Namakkal +0.40=Egg  price                        

Mid Day Meal Scheme 2013-14 - DPI Circular
Noon Meal Programme NMP-1
Noon Meal Programme all Vouchers and NMP Form 

Mid Day Meal Scheme   Write-Up | Presentation
Noon Meal Ensuring Hygiene - regarding  
Noon Meal Programme -school level Entry forms - Annual Form - Monthly Form  - Health Form - www.trgmdm.nic.in 

Noon Feeidng Committee Report -MS Office Word & pdf format
Noon meal Audit Records Needs to be Produced-Help Note
Noon Meal Programme -Monthly Data  - Annual Data - Health Data

Mid Day Meal Scheme (Noon-meal) - One day workshop @Thrissur & visit of central team on Jan. 30 & 31 - Very importantletter   

Onam 2011 -Festival allowance to noon-meal cook @Rs.650_Govt. Order 

Mid Day Meal Scheme - Minimum wage of cook enhanced toRs.150/- - Order

MidDay Meal Scheme- DPI's Instructions 2011-12

MIDDAY MEAL SCHEME - Detailed Guidelines based on DPI's Circulars

MDMS@ Schools- What to do in case of complaints regarding food stuffs

Voucher of  Condiments( ഈ ഫയല്‍ MS WORD ആയതിനാല്‍ എഡിറ്റ്‌ ചെയ്തു  മാറ്റം വരുത്താം)

Voucher of Cooking& Firewood( ഈ ഫയല്‍ MS WORD ആയതിനാല്‍ എഡിറ്റ്‌ ചെയ്തു  മാറ്റം വരുത്താം)

Voucher of Eggs( ഈ ഫയല്‍ MS WORD ആയതിനാല്‍ എഡിറ്റ്‌ ചെയ്തു  മാറ്റം വരുത്താം)

ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണം -Entry Form

Milk distribution statement

Special rice to school children @ 6 Kg per pupil – DPI Circular

MDMS Vouchers shall be returned to Schools

Mid Day Meal Scheme - Establishing a Grievance Redressal Mechanism -  Order - G.O.(Ms) No.10/11/G.Edn  dated 19.01.11

Special rice to school children @ 6 Kg per pupil - June 2012 - DPI Circular 

MDMS @ Schools 2012-13 - To be started on 04-06-2012 - DPI Email 

Noonmeal programme new circular from AEO 2012-13

NMP proforma 2012-2013

NMP  for class details 2012-2013

New online Management software for Mid Day Meal scheme Web site  

Mid Day Meal - Revised Norms
AEO NOONMEAL detailed CIRCULAR 2011-12




NMP-1 FORM 2011-12  ,Form K2 2011-12 NM VOUCHER 2011-12

How to login MDMS  Software   | How to Enter Annual Data

MDMS Pulse to school-foe july 2012 only
Mid Day Meal Scheme 2012-13 Circular

Mid Day Meal Scheme -Video 

Noon Meal Programme all Vouchers and NMP form 

Festival Allowance to NM Cooks and Resource Teachers

Onam : Special Rice 5kg for the students under Mid Day Meal Scheme

Revised Contingent Charges-NMP

Mid day Meal scheme - New Circular

Mid Day Meal to Preprimary

Mid Day Meal Scheme Contingent Charge clarification - DPI Circular

Financial Assistance to Children with Special Needs (CWSN) in classes IX to XII (including VHSE) –


MDMS - Vouchers shall be returned to schools - DPICircular   

Noon Meal - Observing cleanliness as per Food Safety Act - Guidelines 

Noon Meal - Hiring Vehicles for monitoring the system

School Mid-Day Meal - Rules and Regulations under Food Safety and Standards Act 
Guidelines for Mid-Day Meal Scheme| Medical Fitness Certificate Format | Application from for Registration and Renewal [English/Malayalam]
Application for Registraion/Removal of registraion under Food safety and Standards Act
Performa For Medical Fitness Certificate For Food Handlers

Noon Meal - Contigency - Allowing Fund - Regarding

Noon Meal Programme 2014-15Circular 

Mid Day Meal-Annual Form

Mid Day Meal -Monthly Form

Mid Day Meal -Health Form

Onam - 5kg Special Rice to students enrolled in noon meal programme

Noon Meal Utilisation Certificate submitting -Format

Noon Meal- Kitchen cum Store purchase - Guidelines 

Noon Meal Supervisory Post - Govt Letter to DPI Lr.No.57068D/12013G.Edn Dt. 07/01/2015 

Mid-Day Meal - Instructions for the Year 2015-16

Duties and powers of noonmeal officer

Enhancement of wages- Noonmeal cooks

Noon Meal Cooking Charges Enhanced-Revised Order

Noon Feeding Committee  Minutes - Proforma 

Noon Feeding Menu List

Noon Meal Programme all Vouchers and NMP form 

Noon Meal Cooks Wages Revised-Circular 

Noon Meal - the presence of parents at the time of serving - Instructions

പാചക തൊഴിലാളികളുടെ വേതനം ബാങ്ക് അക്കൗണ്ട്‌ മുഖേന  -Circular

Clarification on Revised Wages of Noon Meal Cooks

Noon Meal-Presence of PTA/SMC Members at the time of Serving Food

Noon Meal Cooks Wages Revised-Circular

Format to collect data for "Annual Expenditure Statement of Noon Feeding"

MDMS All Vouchers

MDMS Menu Format

MDMS Budget Format

ധന വിനിയോഗ പത്രം

School Noon Meal Scheme Project 2016 -17

Noon Feeding Format 

Noon Feeding Planner 1.7 : Cooking Charge 350 to 400

Noon Feeding Planner 1.6 : Cooking Charge 200 to 250

Noon Meal  Application  Form

Noon Meal Programme all Vouchers and NMP Form 

Wages of cooks sanctioned from june to September order of the DPI  


Rice distribution to school children included in noon meal scheme in connection with Onam - orders issued 

NMP - Enhancement of salary of noon meal Cooks- and contingency charge - Order 

Clarification on Mid-Day Meal Scheme Contingent Charges

ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പരിപാടി NMP1, K2, Monthly Register എന്നിവയില്‍ കാലാനുസൃതമായ മാറ്റം വരുത്തി പുതിയ ഫോറങ്ങള്‍

Noon meal scheme 2017-18 NM- DPI Dtd 30.05.2017

Noon Meal Programme New Circular 2017-18

Revised format of K2 Register and NMP 1 Form

Noon Feeding Planner 2017 (Software)

Monthly Statement

Noon Meal Scheme 2017-18 Directions

Noon Meal Directions from DPI Dtd : 21.11.2017

Noon Meal Cook Details -Proforma

Regarding the number of students noon meal programme

Noon Meal Programme New Circular Dtd.20.02.2018

Noon Meal Programme 2018-19 Directions

Noon Meal Programme 2018 -19 Instructions Dtd.30.05.2018

Mid Day Meal Scheme 2018-19 Circular| സമ്മതപത്രം| NMP Form|K2|Logo

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